Welcome to Ideal POS Reports

Ideal POS Reports is an online Point Of Sale Reporting System which allows you to use any see informative reports regarding the performance of your establishment from any computer.

The service has been designed to operate independantly of any specific Point Of Sale System and can thus plug into all major POS systems.

The reports that can currently be viewed and printed include the following :

  • Sales Summary
  • Total Summary
  • Total Comparison
  • Growth Comparison
  • Comps
  • Voids
  • Product Mix
  • Product Name Exception
  • Payments
  • Hourly Sales and Labour
  • Revenue Center Sales
  • Employee Sales
  • Recipes
  • Speed Of Service
  • Ingredient Usage
These can be viewed by choosing a store group, a individual store, a selection of stores across a date range or on a specific date. An administration area allows for the maintenance of users, store specific criteria and recipes and ingredients.

The Ideal POS Module is a software application that is installed on the POS Server at store level. The POS data for that store is then collected from the local database and sent daily to the secure central database on the Ideal POS Reports server.

Try out the Live Demo of Ideal POS Reports to see for yourself.

Access to Ideal POS Reports is gained through purchased credits. A credit allows 1 store access to the site for 1 month. So, for instance, you can buy 10 credits and then decide how you want to allocate those credits i.e. 5 stores have 2 months worth of access or 1 store having 10 months worth of access. The cost per credit starts from as little as $25.

Yes, the Ideal POS Reports system runs independantly from any specific POS. The Ideal POS Modules that run on the store-level POS Servers will translate the data from the host POS to the structure that Ideal POS Reports uses.

Modules are created as they are requested.
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